Setting up the di:stage

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year! Here are some tiger girls to start things off right…


For more, see the post over at Japanator. Now that I have that out of my system, it’s time to move on. Yesterday, I went to the post office to pick up a package from Japan. Since AmiAmi is offering half off international shipping on all orders shipped in February, I put in an order for some of the di:stage figma display stands. Since my collection of figma is growing, I wanted to create a more dynamic display for them. This would require a decent number of basic sets…


…so I ordered 10 of them.

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Taking stock of my collection

After seeing Radiant’s write up on his collection, I felt inspired to do something I’d been putting off for a little while. It’d been awhile since I actually took stock of what was in my collection and collected it all in one place (read: never). For the most part, my figures are organized by series, character, and type. There are a couple shelves that I can only label as “miscellaneous” since they have figures that don’t really fit in with any others.

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Tokyo Day 7 – Washinomiya Shrine

Weather in Tokyo yesterday was probably the best it’s been all week, with sunny skies, mild temperatures, and low humidity. It was the perfect day for taking the train out to Saitama for a shrine visit. Today however, it doesn’t look like we’re so lucky. One again, the commuters in Shinjuku have their rain protection employed.


Fortunately for us, we’ll be on the Shinkansen bound for Kyoto for the first half of the day. Yesterday was very eventful, starting out with going to Washinomiya Shrine in Saitama, making a quick stop in Ueno on the way back, and then finally Ginza for Kabuki theater and shopping. Before leaving Ginza, we stopped in a bakery for some sweets.


This particular melonpan was filled with some sort of melon flavored custard, which (according to Shana) borders in blasphemy. I, on the other hand, think it’s quite delicious and want to figure out how to make it. Umai-ki!

Enough about today’s breakfast, it’s time to talk about yesterday’s main event: Washinomiya Shrine in Saitama.

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L4D x Lucky Star Win!


This pretty much speaks for itself. Sourced from StrayShadow. The most awesome piece of fanart ever! I’m wondering if the artist can do a print or have a high resolution version that can be made into a poster…

While on the subject of L4D fanart, I found some pretty interesting comics over at accelagirl’s page. There are a lot of neat “backstory” comics about how the different special zombies came to be, though this has to be my favorite:


Apparently people were calling her stuff “anime” and she got tired of it. So she actually drew a manga-esque L4D comic, complete with Bishonen Bill, Afro Lewis, Ninja Francis, Boobalicious Zoey, and tentacles. Translation available here, though I’m sure you can figure out what’s being said just by the situation… That and it’s more fun to make up your own translations. 🙂

First loot of June & Kagami Cosplay ver. review

When I got home today, I found a couple of small boxes on my front porch. One was marked from HLJ and the other from RightStuf. Behold, the first loot of June!


Today’s arrivals: Kagami cosplay ver. Figma, Excel Saga 19, Kannazuki no Miko 1, Sunshine Sketch 2, and Enchanter 10. The manga isn’t anything terribly special, so let’s focus on Kagami.

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The replacement figma

I came home today only to find an interesting bundle sitting in the middle of my driveway. It seems that the postman had put a package in a plastic bag (it was raining most of today) and dropped it off on my driveway. It was blocking my car from getting into the driveway, so I had to retrieve it before coming in. It seems that my two figmas had arrived from eBay! To get to them, I had to go through several layers of packaging. The outside was wrapped in thick paper, which was covered in tape. Inside was two cardboard boxes wrapped together with tape. Once I got the boxes open, there were layers of bubble wrap. Lastly, each figma box was wrapped in tissue paper. Talk about thorough! As a result, both arrived intact and in good condition.

I immediately set to opening them up, checking them out, and posing them in all sorts of interesting ways.

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Fixing Konata

Since I broke Konata’s leg last night in preparation for a photo shoot, I decided to seek out a replacement. Thanks to my friends over at DannyChoo, I soon found a US seller that still had stock of the now hard to find figure. For not too much money (and a bit less than what I paid for the first one), I will be receiving a new Konata Figma from AnimePavilion. Though I couldn’t help myself and also ordered a Tohsaka Rin Figma… I keep telling myself it was only $1 more to ship two Figma instead of one, so it’s really worth it. Somehow, I don’t think it quite works that way.

With the new Konata on the way, I set my sights to fixing the one I already had. I felt bad at breaking it after just one attempt at posing her, so I broke out the glue and got to work. First, I worked the remaining leg from the socket and was left with the two pieces on the table. Since the break was fairly clean, it was easy lining up the pieces. A small dab of superglue did the trick with holding them together, and after setting for a few minutes, I reattached the entire leg. Fortunately, the break happened when it was still fairly straight, so the pose isn’t too unnatural for display.

IMG_3025 Konata and her new best friend. No cast necessary!



Close up of the joint. Can you tell it was broken?

New arrival and review of

I swung by the post office on the way to work this morning since I received a notice that a package had come in (apparently I was vacuuming and didn’t hear the doorbell ring). My Miyuki Figma had arrived, courtesy of

IMG_3006 IMG_3008

IMG_3009 IMG_3011

The package arrived in good condition and it appears that Tenso had put a new shipping label on the box and forwarded it on. It didn’t seem the seller had anticipated that Miyuki would be flying overseas, so no padding was used at all…

IMG_3013Kagami, Tsukasa and kitty welcome Miyuki to her new home

You may have noticed that Konata is missing from these shots. I was going to pose her on top of the box in a sitting position, but there was an accident when I tried to do that. Apparently the joint was a bit tight or weak (never really tried to pose her before) and it snapped as soon as I tried to move it. ;_;

IMG_3014Poor Konata… she doesn’t get to join Miyuki

I’ll definitely try to replace her, but I haven’t had much luck finding a seller that still has them in stock (aside from eBay). Realistically though, I’d just be looking to replace the leg piece, so if anyone knows where I can get a spare left leg for Figma 008, I’d be open to options…

IMG_3021 Since Konata is temporarily out of commission, Miyuki has taken her place on the shelf

As for the actual Tenso service, it seems like a pretty good concept. I can see how it could be useful for people trying to buy goods from a Japanese retailer that doesn’t ship outside of Japan. The process itself is pretty simple:

  1. Go to and sign up for an account
  2. Once the account is activated, they provide you with what amounts to a PO Box at their offices in Tokyo
  3. When purchasing from a Japanese retailer, provide them with your Tenso address
  4. Once Tenso has received the package, they contact you for shipping payment (a small shipping and handling fee applies on top of actual shipping cost)
  5. When they’ve received your payment (they take credit card and PayPal), they’ll put a shipping label on the box and send it to you
  6. You wait and check tracking every 15 minutes to find out where it is
  7. Package arrives via EMS and delivered by your local postal system

In all, a nice little business model. It is very easy to set up and use. For my order, however, I struggled a bit to see the value of the service. Miyuki cost 2244 Yen from a marketplace seller on Shipping charges from Tenso added 1990 Yen more, bringing the total to 4234 Yen or US$42. The current going rate for a Miyuki Figma from is $30+$10 shipping.

Now, using the service may be worthwhile on something a bit larger and expensive, as the service charge would be a smaller percentage of the item cost. With a small order such as this, it doesn’t make much sense to go with this method. It may also be worthwhile to get rare items that can’t be found elsewhere except for Japanese auction sites or smaller online retailers.

Thanks Danny for allowing me the opportunity to try out this
service! Now to see if I can replace Konata or her leg…