My first DSLR

Yesterday I brought home my very first DSLR camera. Someone at work had a used one up for sale and I jumped on the opportunity. Even though it’s an older model, it still has enough features to get me started.


Behold, the 5-year old Nikon D50. The set I picked up included two lenses (18-55mm and 55-200mm), external flash, filters, and a bag. It was lightly used by the previous owner (~1400 shots total) and is in very good shape.

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Sophie talks, and new wall hanging arrives

Yep, for your amusement, I had a conversation with my cat this morning. I think she was hungry.

…moving on…

I got home from work today and found a nice big box from I was expecting something from them today, but I didn’t expect something quite so large. When I picked it up, however, it weighed almost nothing. That pretty much ruled out anything like DVDs or manga, which meant that it could only by the ARIA lithograph that I ordered. Either that or it was a big empty box…

Big box!

Ever since I saw the shipping notification, I was a bit puzzled. From the description on the item page, I really shouldn’t have this in hand yet…

Date Available – Dec 8 2009


Media – Poster or Wallscroll

Product Availability – Pre-Order, Not Yet Shipping

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Start of the flooring project

In this weekend’s standard deviation from otaku life, I’ll be installing some new laminate wood flooring in the downstairs entryway. Over the course of the past week, I’ve had to tear up the existing carpet, remove the padding underneath, and rip up the tack strips for holding the carpet in place. Once that was all done, I could start the clean up process and fill in the holes and cracks in the concrete. Lastly, I had to clean up parts of the floor with bleach cleaner to get rid of the cat urine smell that had soaked through the carpet and padding… If all goes well, I’ll have more pictures to post later this weekend. I’ll also try to document the stages of the project, time permitting.

Spot the Kitty!

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Sleepy cat + glass desk = win


My cat has a tendency to nap on my computer desk. Since I’d cleaned it recently and it has a glass top, I snapped a couple of photos while she napped. On a couple of shots, I got some really nice reflections of her face in the glass. Then there’s the shot from under the desk…


There’s plenty more where that came from… Check out the rest of the shots!