Fixing Konata

Since I broke Konata’s leg last night in preparation for a photo shoot, I decided to seek out a replacement. Thanks to my friends over at DannyChoo, I soon found a US seller that still had stock of the now hard to find figure. For not too much money (and a bit less than what I paid for the first one), I will be receiving a new Konata Figma from AnimePavilion. Though I couldn’t help myself and also ordered a Tohsaka Rin Figma… I keep telling myself it was only $1 more to ship two Figma instead of one, so it’s really worth it. Somehow, I don’t think it quite works that way.

With the new Konata on the way, I set my sights to fixing the one I already had. I felt bad at breaking it after just one attempt at posing her, so I broke out the glue and got to work. First, I worked the remaining leg from the socket and was left with the two pieces on the table. Since the break was fairly clean, it was easy lining up the pieces. A small dab of superglue did the trick with holding them together, and after setting for a few minutes, I reattached the entire leg. Fortunately, the break happened when it was still fairly straight, so the pose isn’t too unnatural for display.

IMG_3025 Konata and her new best friend. No cast necessary!



Close up of the joint. Can you tell it was broken?

11 thoughts on “Fixing Konata

  1. Meimi132

    I really couldn’t tell…. I had to go back and look at the post before lol
    (This is Meimi132 btw… using my stupid live account…. just used for email and msn normally….)

      1. Masaru-san

        Wow, really? I hope you weren’t charged beforehand.

        I mean, the fact that many rare and long out of print manga were still being listed in full on AnimePavillion set-off some flags in my head as to whether or not their stocks were up to date.

  2. Ninjovee

    Hi! I found your post by googling Figma repair — one of my figma’s arms got broken and the other end of the joint got stuck inside the arm — was that the same situation with your Konata’s leg?

      1. Ninjovee

        The shoulder joint of my Kagamiku snapped in half too… I tried using epoxy to get the bits back together… I hope it works ;A;

    1. Masaru-san

      My Kyon’s right hand joint broke inside the arm due to a defect in which the hole where the joint goes has some overly tight parts. I used a very thin pointed end of a nail file to slowly pick away at the joint stuck inside until it was all out (in hundreds of pieces) for a little over an hour. Then I stuck the camera hand inside and have never tried changing that particular hand since.
      His left arm joint is perfectly fine though…

      1. Ninjovee

        Doing that sounds… quite painful. I guess I should be careful with replacing hands too… I’m also having difficulty when changing hands with some of my figmas ><;

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