More June Loot

Got home today and found a couple boxes on my doorstep. Like the first loot post from earlier this month, one box was from RightStuf and one was from HLJ.


Today’s arrivals: High School Girls vol. 1-9, Tsukihime vol. 6, Nendoroid Yoko, ARIA artbook, ARIA door hangers, Tales of Vesperia promotional literature, and Lucky Star bookmarks.


From left to right: ARIA door hangers, ARIA the Origination artbook, Tales of Vesperia promotional guide and Lucky Star punch-out bookmarks. The above items actually came from a friend that lives in San Francisco. He happens to go by Kikokuniya and Japantown quite frequently and he finds a lot of nifty little items.


Shot of Nendoroid Yoko. I picked her up from part two of the HLJ anniversary sale and owns the distinction of being the very first Nendoroid I’ve bought. I’ll save the full review for later once I’ve figured out how all the pieces work, so you’ll just have to make due with the box shot.

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