Setting up the di:stage

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year! Here are some tiger girls to start things off right…


For more, see the post over at Japanator. Now that I have that out of my system, it’s time to move on. Yesterday, I went to the post office to pick up a package from Japan. Since AmiAmi is offering half off international shipping on all orders shipped in February, I put in an order for some of the di:stage figma display stands. Since my collection of figma is growing, I wanted to create a more dynamic display for them. This would require a decent number of basic sets…


…so I ordered 10 of them.


The packaging itself is pretty simple, showing pretty much all the pieces in the set. Each set contains a base, end caps, base connector piece, one figma mount, and several mounts for speech bubbles.


Assembly is extremely easy. If only one base is used, the four end caps can cover up each side for a clean look. Two bases can also be linked together either horizontally or at a right angle. I discovered that my existing figma shelf could hold 7 bases linked horizontally, leaving 3 that I can mount vertically.


Here’s a quick reminder of how the girls were lined up before…


And here they are after! I decided to give Shana and Haruhi more dynamic poses, with Drossel and Kagamiku looking up. What color panties are Shana and Haruhi wearing? I’ll probably tweak the poses of the Lucky Star girls on either side, but this will have to do for now.

The black bases don’t look too bad on the shelf, though I think I still would have preferred the clear version to allow light to filter through. Sadly, it’s the popular one of the two and AmiAmi is out of stock. I’m very happy with the purchase and look forward to doing more arranging when more figma arrive.


Now, what do I do with all these leftover parts…? >.<

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