First loot of June & Kagami Cosplay ver. review

When I got home today, I found a couple of small boxes on my front porch. One was marked from HLJ and the other from RightStuf. Behold, the first loot of June!


Today’s arrivals: Kagami cosplay ver. Figma, Excel Saga 19, Kannazuki no Miko 1, Sunshine Sketch 2, and Enchanter 10. The manga isn’t anything terribly special, so let’s focus on Kagami.

This particular Kagami figma is the cosplay version, modeled after her appearance in the Lucky Star OVA. She was coerced into going to Comiket with Konata and convinced to dress up as Hatsune Miku. Out of the box, she’s a pretty standard figma…


She comes with a couple of accessories, hands, face, and pair of leek. Of all the figma I own, she comes with the least amount of stuff and the fewest number of hands. The alternate face, however, is priceless.


In terms of stature, she’s very similar to the normal version of Kagami. A couple noticeable differences beyond the outfit:

  • Kagamiku somehow has more hair than Kagami; costume must also include hair extensions that magically make her hair longer
  • Kagamiku has slightly darker hair
  • Kagami and Kagamiku do not share the same front hairpiece; they are not interchangeable (kind of a pity)
  • Kagamiku’s twin tails aren’t standard ball fasteners; rather, they are a set of joints that allow for three distinct degrees of movement


Otherwise, Kagamiku is a pretty run-of-the-mill figma. As with the rest of the Lucky Star series, the faces are swappable with the others. That yields awesome possibilities given the new “embarrassed” look from Kagamiku’s set. In terms of quality, she seems to be on par with normal Kagami, though I’d be hesitant to carry her around for random adventures. With the extra bulk in hair, I’d be afraid of snapping one of the joints there. Somehow, they seem a bit less forgiving in terms of movement. Also, the lower number of hands and accessories is a bit disappointing.

But ever wonder how Kagami wound up with the costume? The answer is simple. Konata cloned herself and managed to get a jump on her while she was still in shock…

As a side note, the Konata on the left is the one that previously suffered a broken leg. During the course of positioning her for the last frame, her left shoulder joint snapped a bit but is still intact. At this point, I can either completely separate the shoulder or leave it were it is while she’s on display. I think I got a bad figma, as the joints were all pretty stiff and not easy to pose… Makes me glad I got a replacement!

3 thoughts on “First loot of June & Kagami Cosplay ver. review

  1. Nice use of the Tsukasa face for Kagami’s O_O right before the costume rape. I don’t think Konata cloned herself, she was just so fast with the cosrape that she left mirror images of herself lol. I’m wondering if her twin tails are swappable with the original Miku Hatsune figma’s.

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