Completing my otaku lounge

Since Danny’s “Your Room” contest, I decided to make a couple of improvements to my upstairs loft area. A couple of trips to IKEA later, and I’m proud to show off the final product!


The changes are fairly subtle, but I decided to do away with the coffee table in the middle and replace it with a smaller side table. The chair and footstool came from IKEA’s clearance section (both were floor display models and in excellent condition) as did the reading lamp. I think the entire area only has two furnishings that aren’t from IKEA… the lamp in the far corner and the DVD storage rack.

IMG_3062 IMG_3063 IMG_3066

I particularly like the side table, as it gives me a place to put things like books and other trinkets. The Altec Lansing Zune Dock and Zune are to be permanent fixtures on the table and will allow me to have music while sitting and relaxing. The wireless sync ability will allow me to easily download new music to the player. I’ve also decided to keep my DS charger here.

Taking stock, here’s what has wound up in this area over the past year:

I’m quite happy with the results. At some point, I may consider changing out the flooring and replacing the carpet with a hardwood floor. Tatami panels might be interesting and fit with the theme. For now, however, I’m content with the way it is.


12 thoughts on “Completing my otaku lounge

    1. Asian Ed

      Hadn’t done one recently with the new setup, though there are some pictures of the shelves all lit up here somewhere… Go back about a month and you should find them. Will be taking some more photos here shortly, methinks.

  1. Nice Lounge!
    My flat is made of IKEA nearly 100% aswell ^^
    I wonder if you halogen spots wont heat up the Detolf too much.Never tried them because of that

    1. Asian Ed

      They’re LED spots, so they don’t heat up very much. I had originally bought the halogens, but never installed them because of the heat concerns. The LED spots are nice, though more expensive…

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