Hello Kitty… Beer…?!

I’ve seen a lot of Hello Kitty items. From the classic Hello Kitty Vibrator to the Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipe, I thought I’d seen it all. Apparently I hadn’t. I give you the following:


That’s right. It’s Hello Kitty Beer. Apparently following in the footsteps of the Hello Kitty Wine and Hello Kitty Sake, Hello Kitty Beer serves up another way to get plastered with the Sanrio mascot. Yes, Hello Kitty is found on everything. Nothing is safe from her branding.

9 thoughts on “Hello Kitty… Beer…?!

  1. Rachel

    Somehow, I managed to live my life without knowing there’s a Hello Kitty Vibrator. Now that I do, I feel violated, even though I never liked Hello Kitty merch anyway.

  2. loli1983

    I remember when Mc Donald’s were selling
    those Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel plushies with
    Mc Donald’s employee uniforms. That was back in the 1990’s

    By the way welcome to WordPress. :]

    1. Ed

      🙂 Thanks!

      I remember when there was some promotion in Hong Kong for Hello Kitty as well… people were going nuts. Being Hong Kong, there were a lot of bootlegs being sold in the streets…

  3. Is it just my or is this world getting stranger and stranger by the second! I’m sure many people would like to see Hello Kitty for 5 year old girls on there beer (Not really!) Next we will have Fifi The Flowertot on wine bottles and an advert for a gas station on the back or our crisp! :S

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