Switching over to WordPress

After a short stint with Live Spaces, I’ve decided to make the jump over to WordPress for awhile. While I like Spaces and all the built in functionality it offers (I especially like the photo tools), it doesn’t quite offer the same level of user friendliness when it comes to everyone else on the internet. I’ll still continue to upload photos there and use those features, but will be doing all the writing up at the new area. Now if only I can figure out if the free version allows for custom widths… The current format of my entries (notably the pictures embedded in them) don’t seem to transfer over right. Either I’ll use a flexible width layout or go back and edit everything to fit into a fixed width layout…

I think I’ll just leave it as it is with a fixed width layout. It’s much easier to edit on the netbook that way. For those interested in the posts prior to this one (and want to see the original formatting), check out How Do You Figure? @ Windows Live Spaces.

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