My computer area (AKA Otaku Lounge pt. 2)

Due to the compliments I received from the last post and all the questions asking about other areas in my house, I was encouraged to clean up the computer area that is next to my otaku lounge. After sorting away some papers, tidying up the desk, and removing the junk from the floor, the area was finally photo worthy.


From this angle, you can see how the upstairs area is completely open. This was actually the thing that sold me on this house and I’d always envisioned making this area my little haven. Typically, if I’m entertaining guests, they’ll be downstairs as that is where the TV, XBOX, and kitchen are. Occasionally, I’ll bring people upstairs just to give them the tour. Sadly, most of the people that come over aren’t terribly otaku, so most of the decor is lost on them…


Here’s a better view of the desk area itself. Not too much here to talk about except for the couple of interesting decorative items I have. Above the desk are three posters from the MegaTokyo webcomic (all available from the Megagear store): Polesitting, Kimiko, and Ph34r teh Cut3 Ones. I also have the .N1T3Z poster, though that is hanging on the wall of my cubicle at work. I also keep a shelf of Figmas above the monitor (shelf is a LJUSDAL from IKEA) and they’re lit by a set of LACK LED pendants.

You may have also noticed quite a few boxes underneath my desk. This is home to the majority of the computing power in my home. Here’s a rundown of what drives up my electric bill each month:

Name CPU RAM HD OS Roles
Chikane Intel C2Quad Q6600, 2.4 GHz 8GB 750GB Win7RC x64 Primary, TV recorder
Kagami Intel Pentium E2180, 2.0 GHz 2GB 4.25TB Windows Home Server File server, computer backup
Himeko AMD Phenom x4 9150e, 2.4 GHz 8GB 500GB Win2008R2 Beta Virtual Machine Host

In addition, there are several other machines in the house:

Name CPU RAM HD OS Roles
Konata AMD Athlon x2 4850e, 2.5GHz 2GB 36GB Win7RC HTPC
Belldandy Intel Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz w/ HT 2GB 120GB Win7RC HTPC
Freya Intel Atom N270, 1.6GHz 2GB 80GB Win7RC Netbook


Lastly, here is a shot of the Otaku lounge from my computer chair. My cat really likes to hang out and be involved in picture taking… For more photos, check out the full album below.

7 thoughts on “My computer area (AKA Otaku Lounge pt. 2)

  1. Nice attic area there. Its probably bigger than my entire room in my little Manhattan apartment.

    Are those shelves held in by screws into the wall? I’m looking for a shelf solution that doesn’t involve screws or nails, as that goes against my apartment policy.

    Never really got around to naming my machines either, I just refer to them either by processors or by roles (e.g. my i7 box or the HTPC). What are the GPU’s in those machines (because for me those are the true power-suckers)

    1. Asian Ed

      The big bookshelf isn’t screwed to the wall. The little shelf above the desk is screwed in.

      As for the computers, none of them have particularly beefy video cards. Since I don’t do PC games anymore, I decided not to spend them money to upgrade those. Chikane has an ATi X1650 Pro, Konata has the onboard ATi HD3200, and Belldandy has an ATi X1550. For the first two, I had put in cards that would meet my needs (i.e. record and play back high definition content and BD/HD-DVD).

  2. loli1983

    Damn, your lounge is definitely a lounge that would
    make you go straight home from work. For now i have to settle
    for this small space in the living room, at least till i move


  3. I almost posted in the last post, but I’ll do it here. Your lounge is absolutely brilliant. I love how you set up everything. It’s very otaku, while still being very neat, and I love it!!! Your bookshelf gives me ideas for my own office which I constantly keep moving around. Your tech stuff makes me happy too ❤ Do you draw at all? Your scanner really caught my eye ^^; Your desk area is so neat too!!! Probably in my top three fav rooms ever (sorry for sounding like a broken record, but it really is amazing!!!)

  4. Smithy

    Extremely tasteful decoration, I can only applaud and admire. ^^

    What an array of computers too. Quite Windows oriented though. Love how two have the names of the “Kanazuki No Miko” leading ladies.

    1. Asian Ed

      I do try to theme the computer names. For awhile, I had a set of virtual machines named Axela, Celica, Integra, and Silvia (there are actually two themes there). I’ve always named my mobile devices (phones, portable drives) after Chobits characters.

      Considering I work for MSFT, it’d probably be in poor taste if I ran anything else. 🙂

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