Setting up a monitor stand

Recently, I went from a two monitor setup to a three screen setup using a set of Samsung 2343bwx panels. This presented a problem since my dual monitor stand no longer fully met my needs. Enter Tyke Supply! They have a large selection of stands and mounts to fit different configurations, from a single monitor to six monitor (3×2) configurations!



The existing dual stand is in the left corner holding the center and left monitors. The right monitor is sitting on the original base and a few volumes of manga. XD

To solve the problem, I went with a triple monitor stand that mounted to the desk. It arrived a few days later, even though I selected economy shipping!


The box contents are well packed, though I would never be able to get everything back in there in the same order… The stand consists of two long curved arms, a center mounting pole, clamp for the desk, and a large bag of screws. Each monitor is mounted independently prior to installation on the base.

IMG_2558 IMG_2559

Before installing the mount on my desk, I assembled the full mount and made sure it all fit together. I didn’t need any surprises while holding a 23 inch monitor!


The mounting plates for the monitor are nicely designed. The middle mount slides into a bracket at the center. The left and right mounts slide in from either end and clamp down for stability. For me, there is a slight design flaw with the center mount, more on that later. Since the monitors have VESA mounts, they attach easily with four screws.


Now that the screens are mounted, time for the final assembly! Installing the base to the desk was a cinch, the clamp is very sturdy and holds well. The top half of the clamp has some foam padding to minimize scratching if your desk is delicate.


Now time to install the first monitor. Here’s where I started running into problems. The mounts slide over the cross bar and then clamp down. Since my desk is in a corner, I did the far left one first by shifting the stand off to the right, mounting the monitor, and then sliding the whole assembly back to the left.


Here’s what it looks like behind the monitor once it is installed. There is a nice lever at the back that allows you to tighten the clamp without tools. The end caps on the hinges also come off to access a screw for tightening the joint so it doesn’t flop around.


Another nice feature is the cable management system. The center pole is thick enough to contain wires from all three screens and includes a place to feed them. Unfortunately, the cables I’m using aren’t long enough to go through the system and still make it to the computer.


In all, this was an awesome way to mount three screens and save some space. I did discover one major downside in my setup though. For flexibility, each mount has full tilt, swivel, and rotate functionality. While on the surface this is great and cool, it does present a challenge for the size of the monitor bracket. Take the center mount for example…


The center mount is far too large with the added functionality. As a result, it doesn’t mount flush with the bar and instead protrudes quite a bit forward. I discovered that if I used the mount, the monitors would actually be hanging over half of the desk. Not a very good space saving design! The solution? Go back to standing the center monitor on it’s original stand. >.>


Despite the flaw, the three monitor stand is a really nice way to mount three widescreen monitors. At less than $100, this is certainly the most cost effective way to do it!


So what does a screenshot at 6144×1152 look like? It looks like this!

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