Welcome back?


Well now, it’s been just over 5 years since I put anything in this space. So much has changed but a lot has also stayed the same. After some pondering this morning, I decided I would start putting up some content again. So where are things now?

To start, most of the interests I started this blog with way back on Windows Live Spaces (talk about old school!) are still here. I’m still into anime, manga, figures, dolls, photography, and computers! My focuses have shifted slightly though. The figures I collect are much more targeted and my doll family has grown considerably. I’ve done some traveling, became more active on Instagram, and got deeper into the Final Fantasy XIV community! I still live in the same house and work at the same company.

With all that, what is different? My relationships have changed a bit. Some of people who were in previous posts have moved on. I got more into cars and driving (something I used to enjoy, but never explored). And I got more dolls. A lot more dolls. Yup. Lots of dolls. So many dolls. All the dolls.

I’m also 5 years older than I was. There are days where my body tells me that…

So what’s next? After some thought this morning, I decided I want to get into documenting my hobbies again. Twitter and Instagram are great, but they’re not as good for me to look for older content. I also want to share higher quality pictures of the things that I do, since that’s what the photographer in me wants to do. With the growth of my doll family, I want to take the time and share the stories for each of them. How I came to get them, where they came from, and the details from that experience. Even if no one reads it, I still want to do it for myself. 🙂

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