Doll Display Area Upgrades

A couple weekends ago, we went to IKEA with the mission of obtaining some new display cases and lighting. $350 later, we ended up with new display cases, lighting, and pieces for upgrading the doll display area! XD


A lot of parts went into this. First, the floor and the walls.


The flooring is made up of a set of PLATTA deck boards. They come in packs of 9 pieces, each measuring 1 square foot. They’re built on top of a durable plastic lattice that locks together, making them really easy to assemble. We actually had to break the squares in half to lay out the last row in the back.

The walls are made up of ANNO STRÅ panels hung from the top shelf. Since each one is 118 inches in height, we cut them in half to make the whole room. We originally bought 3 panels, but only two were needed to completely cover everything.

The lamp we bought is actually a combination of the 18 inch HEMMA table lamp base and a 6 inch black EKÅS shade. The taller table lamp combined with the smaller shade matched the room scale perfectly, even though the base looks a little too large. XD


To decorate, we added some bamboo stalks with a nice rectangular vase and rocks. The little bit of green is a nice touch. 🙂


For seating, we picked up a couple types of cushions. The flat and round CILLA chair pads come in a couple colors and work great for sitting at the low table we made and the thicker GRANAT cushions can be folded to look like a big fluffy couch!


The table did not actually come from IKEA. We made this ourselves from parts we got at the craft shop. It was then finished with several layers of wood stain.


Finally we have our table cloth. It was cut from a curtain that we picked up at the thrift store!

Tamamo really likes the new room for the girls

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