Going to a doll meet!

Last weekend, I took the 2 hour trip up to Greensboro, NC for my very first Doll Meet Up from the Den of Angels forum. It was being held at The Doll Market, a rather large shop specializing in all sorts of dolls. They were holding an event for their 16th anniversary and had several fashion doll designers there signing dolls. Of course, DoA is for ABJD owners, so all the folks in the organized meet had various resin dolls.


With Rin, Sakura, and accessories packed, it was time to hit the road!


I actually ended up carpooling with Balldylox to the meet, who drove up from Charleston. He brought Manami along for the meet and was looking forward to meeting up with the previous owner! Along with Rin and Sakura, the three of them were representing the Dollfie Dream camp in the sea of resin!DSC_9133DSC_9143


There were plenty of gorgeous dolls at the meet and it was the first time I’d had the chance to really look at the resins. They’re much heavier than the vinyl Dollfie Dreams and much more solid feeling. With so many dolls in one place, it was hard not to set them up together for some awesome photos!


Here we have Rin and a new friend. Isn’t she cute?


This was an interesting shot. Sakura appears to be staring at Manami’s assets while Kou is copping a little feel from Sakura…


Rin, Manami, and Sakura welcome you to Doll Market!


Proud owners gather at Patti Lynn’s doll shop afterwards. We picked out several wigs for Manami to try and got her papa to buy it. XD In all though, we had a great time at the meet! For more pictures, see the full set up on Flickr!


6 thoughts on “Going to a doll meet!

  1. Billy

    Oh you ain’t kidding Ed! 😀 My wallet is still crying from the pain…. But I had a really great time up there and it was nice to finally meet you in person. I was also happy to be able to see your girls there as I had not seen any other Dollfies in person before. Your girls were great and I know they all had fun together. Thanks for the carpool idea as well as hanging out and showing me around your house. It was extremely nice to get the tour!

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