Yoko plays dress-up

I came home the other day to find a package in my mailbox from the UK. Finally, some more clothing for Yoko and Rin had arrived! The set was made by the wonderful webmaster over at Dark Dolllhouse. The set is called Candy Dots (for good reason, I think) and is the first “custom” outfit I bought!


Since Rin has pretty much gotten all the attention lately in terms of fancy outfits, Yoko decided to steal the set for herself!

There are several pieces to the outfit, including a loose top, form fitting pants, stockings, and various undergarments. Some of the items would have been a tight fit to begin with on Yoko’s curves, so we only went with the top and pants. Fortunately, the pants are made of a stretchy material so Yoko was able to squeeze into them.


And here’s the finished result! It’s quite the casual look! In addition to the outfit, Yoko now sports a new wig from CotinDoll World. I quite like their selection of wigs and accessories and would recommend them as a place to pick things up.


No Yoko, those pants do not make you look fat. XD


I’ve still not quite gotten the hang of shooting with the 50mm prime in lower light (like in my living room), so I decided to change tactics a bit and shoot going the other way. With a bit of experimenting, I found that my TV actually makes for a great background when it’s on! Might have to experiment with that more. Now if someone figures out what I was watching, I’ll be truly amazed.


Uh oh, somehow Yoko has found her way into the kitchen… what do you want with that bottle?


Ad you can see, the pants are an extremely tight fit on Yoko’s DDy bottom. I kept having to adjust it to make sure she wasn’t giving many free shows during the photo shoot. The top, on the other hand, was a good fit, though doesn’t really show off her lovely assets.


It finally looks like Yoko is done for the evening. How did that happen? The bottle isn’t even open! Maybe Dollfies absorb alcohol through osmosis?

Next on the list for Yoko will probably be some shoes to go with that outfit.

3 thoughts on “Yoko plays dress-up

  1. That’s a cute outfit for Yoko, it suits her well and adds a very leisurely, day to day atmosphere.

    That dark red wig is perfect for her too, akin to the original it gives her a different look yet retains all the essence of Yoko’s character.

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