Dollfie Dream carrier – a cheap alternative


Today, a new item showed up in my mailbox. Being the curious girls that they are, Yoko and Rin decided to open up the package and check out what it was… What could this mysterious object be?


Yoko is curious. She didn’t remember stealing my credit card and ordering any guns. The flexibility of the package also confused her.


With the packaging removed, they’re still not quite sure what to make of it. It looks like it has some zippers and it opens up. Maybe give that a try?


The padding is pretty comfy to lay on, don’t you agree Yoko? It’s also a pretty nice fit. Maybe it’s a bed or sleeping bag?


It looks like Rin figured it out… I wonder if Yoko is comfortable?


There you have it. Yoko is now sealed and Rin will make sure she doesn’t get away!

Ever since taking a trip to the local botanical garden with Rin, I’d been looking for a better and more convenient way of carrying a Dollfie around. I used a backpack that day and folded Rin into it, but that wasn’t the most ideal solution. I searched the Volks site and found the official SD Carrying Case. It is nice and I don’t doubt would protect well, but at 5000 yen, was a bit too much for my taste. Then I found some posts about using violin cases. They’re about the right size and with a little creativity and padding, would make a great alternative to the official Volks violin case.

Aquilla has a great write up on making one. Reading the comments on the post, one of her readers mentioned using a ukulele case for her SD, which got me thinking. How much does a reasonable one cost? Searching on eBay gave me tons of listings (try “ukulele bag”). From solid cases to soft, there were tons to choose from. Did you know? Ukuleles come in a variety of sizes, each one for different purposes and range! There’s apparently something called a concert ukulele, which is somehow different from all the other types… I finally settled on one made for a tenor or concert ukulele. The measurements indicated it was 27in long, which should be plenty for a Dollfie. The description also indicated it was padded, which is a plus.


Here are pictures of the case in the open and closed positions. As you can see, Sophie has taken great interest in the new object. She was pretty hard to keep away…


It’s about the same length as the cat, but more importantly, just right for a Dollfie. Here we have Yoko modeling for us, once again. It’s a snug fit, so not a lot of room for her to get jostled around.


Thickness of the case seems just right, as Rin demonstrated earlier. There is also a front zippered pocket which could be used for accessories (hair bursh, extra outfit?), a shoulder strap, and a carrying handle. In practical use, I’d probably also wrap the doll with a white sheet or towel. Not bad for $15!

4 thoughts on “Dollfie Dream carrier – a cheap alternative

  1. Not too shabby! Seems a budget friendly alternative for the Volks carry case.

    Still am tempted by the Volks case, though it’s rather expensive and I think out of stock as well…

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