New outfit for Yoko

I came home today to find a box from VolksUSA on my porch. Yoko’s new outfit has arrived! She seemed pretty happy to have something new to wear and was eager to try it out. Until now, she only had her default combat outfit and her swimwear to trot around in. How would she look as a sexy demon girl, I wonder? Warning, images below may contain extremely cute and slightly risqué poses. You have been warned!


First things first, we had to unpack everything and lay it out. Be sure to read on!


Yoko seems a bit perplexed at where to begin. There sure are a lot more pieces to this outfit than her current one. It also seems to be quite a bit more complex…


That seemed to be a bit easier than trying to put on the outfit. Careful, that bag isn’t a toy and could present a choking hazard! After the little bit of fun, it was time to get down to business. Yoko was definitely playing around and knew exactly what to with the new outfit!


Yoko’s a pretty big tease and decided to give everyone a little show before getting dressed again.


All done! The obi was a bit interesting to get on and was a bit difficult to adjust. Also, the shoes were interesting, as there were some elastic that helped keep the shoes on her feet. Now fully clothed, it was time for some glamour shots!



After awhile, Rin decided to come down and check out what was going on. I wonder what kind of mischief the two of them will get into…


Now aren’t these cute!


Now this is an interesting turn of events… Seems that Rin is quite taken by the sexy demon girl!


It doesn’t seem that they wanted to continue in the presence of a camera. Too bad… The photo shoot taught me some interesting lessons. The last several shots were made using a tripod and setting the aperture to the smallest setting and using a 30 second shutter. The IR remote was great for releasing the shutter without having to touch the camera and possibly affecting the shot. With the small aperture, the amount of quality the camera captured was pretty amazing. It was almost too much detail in some places, as you could see where all the stray hairs were! I also liked the warmer colors produced from leaving the shutter open for so long.

I think Yoko enjoys her new outfit, even though it covers more than normal. It seems it allows for ample amounts of flexibility and movement!

For photos not seen here, be sure to check out the set on Flikr. Warning, some images may be more risqué than your workplace will allow!

4 thoughts on “New outfit for Yoko

  1. sam

    What pretty outfits. Obi bow expertly tied.
    My hair is almost as long now, and I was contemplating dying it red… maybe not that red.

  2. Nice photoshoot, lovely posing and composition too. Yoko looks cute in that outfit.

    Do you plan on leaving her in that outfit for a while? Had looked at it as well since it’s DDDy size but ultimately decided against it as it wasn’t the style I was looking to portray my Yoko in.

    1. I’d love to leave her in it, but with all those dark fabrics, it’d be even more prone to staining. Maybe if I got a body stocking I’ll be able to leave her in it, though I’d still be afraid of the arms getting stained. 😦

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