Video tour of the Otaku Lounge

Once again, Danny Choo has sparked me into action. This time, he posted a call for videos that may be picked for a TV show he’s working on with Tokyo MX. I couldn’t pass this one up, so I got to tidying up and started filming. It took a couple takes, but think I finally have a decent quick walkthrough. The very first attempt was almost 20 minutes long, but I discovered that YouTube only allowed for 10 minute uploads. Here’s what I have now…

I’ll need to do more filming this week, once I locate an HD capable camera. Since this may be broadcast on television, VGA will probably look pretty terrible. Stay tuned for more! I may even try to split this into two videos and cover various parts of the room.

5 thoughts on “Video tour of the Otaku Lounge

  1. Nice video! I saw your room in the first Otacool book.
    It is great to finally see it in a video tour.

    I also plan to enter a video of my room although I’ll also need to spend some time cleaning up my room. 🙂
    Hope to see your desk/workspace in the Otacool 3 book too.

    1. Thanks! Not sure if I’m going to enter for Otacool3, since I do work at a pretty large company. I’m pretty sure security frowns upon photography at the office (even though I’ve snuck a couple shots here and there) and I wouldn’t want to risk losing my job over it. ^.^

      1. Just send in a photo of your desk at home. No need to send your work desk.
        I’m sure your desk in your room is sufficient. 🙂

  2. Cool video, it’s interesting to see your desk/anime themed room on video now compared to the first otacool still photos. ^^

    Ah, what can I say with all that nice computer hardware, great figure collection, DVD’s, manga, Dollfies… but most of all awesome “Aria” stuff, a great haven for an otaku with good taste!

    Also grabbed some of the original Japanese “Aria” manga volumes for my reading practice. If you start learning Japanese, you’ll love reading them, I guarantee it.
    Did you ever pick up “Amanchu!”, Amano’s new series?

    1. Hehe, how’d I know you’d be eyeing the ARIA collection? I’m doing a lot less drastic changes these days and more subtle tweaks. I think I checked out the first chapter of Amanchu!, but hadn’t really kept up with it. May have to take a look now that you’ve reminded me…

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