Video tour of the Otaku Lounge

Once again, Danny Choo has sparked me into action. This time, he posted a call for videos that may be picked for a TV show he’s working on with Tokyo MX. I couldn’t pass this one up, so I got to tidying up and started filming. It took a couple takes, but think I finally have a decent quick walkthrough. The very first attempt was almost 20 minutes long, but I discovered that YouTube only allowed for 10 minute uploads. Here’s what I have now…

I’ll need to do more filming this week, once I locate an HD capable camera. Since this may be broadcast on television, VGA will probably look pretty terrible. Stay tuned for more! I may even try to split this into two videos and cover various parts of the room.

Anime clearance at Best Buy

It seems that many Best Buys nationwide are clearing out their stock of Anime. According to ICv2, about 400 stores are cutting back on their total stock and clearing everything out at 50% off. After seeing the news, I made a trip to the local store and picked up a couple of items I’ve been meaning to get.


Total price for everything: $118.91. Not bad for that many DVDs!