It’s over 10,000!


I never thought I’d do it, but here I am. Checking on my blog’s stats tonight, I realized I hit a nice milestone of 10,000 hits since moving to WordPress in April. Here are some stats:

  • Average of 61 hits per day
  • Busiest day was Sunday, May 3rd, when I posted “Completing my otaku lounge
  • Incidentally, that’s been the most popular post to date, with 393 views
  • Second place went to “L4D x Lucky Star Win!” with 350 views (kind of curious about this one)
  • Of all the Tokyo entries, Day 2 – TGS surpassed all others
  • Not surprisingly, posts that were originally made on Live Spaces that were migrated to WordPress didn’t see much activity
  • Also not surprising was that most visitors arrived here via DannyChoo. Thanks Danny!

Here’s to much more content in the years to come, I don’t have any plans to stop any time soon. Thanks to all you loyal readers out there!

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