Display case upgrade


The recent Dollfie acquisition caused me to think about the best way to display and protect my new daughter. As a result, I trekked up to IKEA over the weekend and got two more DETOLF display cabinets and light sets. Since I knew Rin would be too tall to stand in on one shelf, I decided the logical course of action would be to remove one shelf and give her half the cabinet to herself. Worked out pretty well, if I do say so myself…

She’d be lonely there by herself, so this obviously calls for a Rin having her own posse. The only one missing from the group at the moment is Figma Rin, though the jury is still out on whether or not she will join the others in the cabinet.


Of course, Rin isn’t the only one with a new home. Since I was also running low on space on the manga shelf, I relocated most of the figures from the top shelf to the new cabinets. I’d also transferred Yoko and a few of the swimsuit collection inside for display.




As with the other display cases, lighting seems to thin out quite a bit by the time it hits the lower shelves. I’d noticed that Ropponmatsu has developed a forward lean. It had accounted for her falling forwards on a few occasions, though I’ve tried to correct the issue by forcing her to lean back the other way. I think she’s a bit too front heavy…

10 thoughts on “Display case upgrade

  1. samagical

    that Ren is huge!
    I should post my own display case someday. The newest addition yesterday is the only none anime figure in there: it’s a perfectly dried out dragon fly that flew into my apt and died for me in the most prettiest way.

    1. Asian Ed

      Yes, I was amazed when I got her in a few weeks ago. I’d always known Dollfies were large, but didn’t realize they stood about 60cm tall. In comparison, the medium sized Rin standing in front of her is a 1/6 scale and the “little” one is either 1/8 or 1/10 (can’t remember which).

  2. Dollfies are quite huge indeed! 0_0

    I see you have the Good Smile Company/Max Factory Kiminozo duo of Mitsuki and Haruka in bikini. Only have Mitsuki myself since I always though Haruka’s ankle/foot looked quite odd…

    1. Asian Ed

      I’m a huge KimiNozo fan, so have to have both figures… Also wish there were good quality figures for some of the other series I enjoyed (Kannazuki no Miko comes to mind), but sadly, I have to make due with what’s out there. 😦

      1. So very true! I adore Kannazuki No Miko (got me into yuri together with Marimite) but there’s just no even remotely decent figure of this series at all.

        Did spot a Chikane/Himeko duo figure once but it was just too horribly bad…

  3. Sweet! I wish I could get a Rin Dollfie, along with a Saber one… I checked the website that sells those cabinets, the only problem is, those cabinets are only sold at the stores…I wish they could be shipped, if they could I would pick one up…The closest one to me is somewhere in Illinos…Nice get though

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