Update on flooring project

Last week, I did a quick update showing off the results of a days worth of work in laying down a new laminate wood floor. After putting in most of today on the project, I’m happy to report that I’m only a few steps from being completely done with this project. I’m very happy with the way it came out and the way it looks. Kitty really enjoys it as well, as her toys tend to slide around on the hard surface. I’ll often hear her entertaining herself by pushing toy mice and twist ties around down there. I’m going to be really glad once it’s all finished and I can move on to the next thing!


Here’s a rundown of the project so far:

  • June 28: Tore up carpeting and padding, removed tack strips, and patched nail holes
  • June 27-July 2: Cleaned up concrete with bleach, trimmed linoleum, filled more holes, and did general prep work
  • July 3: Put down moisture barrier (blue stuff), padding (yellow stuff), and floor boards


  • July 6-9: Installed transition pieces, filled in gaps along doors


  • July 10: Measured for moldings, went and acquired said moldings
  • July 11: Painted, installed, and caulked molding; installed new tack strip to hold down carpet from living room

Careful, those nails are sharp!

One thought on “Update on flooring project

  1. Looks very neat indeed. Back in Hong Kong, I used to have hard wood floor too, but once we moved in the US we been on carpet like forever. Nice project you got going there.

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