My first Dollfie

A couple days ago, I got a large package from UPS. It came in “signature required,” and fortunately I was home that day working on flooring. Being busy all day with manual labor and then fireworks in the evening, I didn’t have much chance to really do a large batch of photos. I did, however, manage to get her unpacked and dressed.


I’m very impressed with the level of detail in the Dollfie and the ease at which she’s posed. There are a lot of little nice touches with the clothing, from the buttons on the sleeves to the shoes and stockings. The wig was also pre-styled, which is good for me as I would have had a heck of a time trying to get the bows on and the hair in the right place…


Here’s the box that Rin came in. It was fairly light, ship weight was no more than 3lbs. Even though I’d seen a couple of boxes on other blogs, I’d never realized just how large the box was, or how big the dolls were. Post-purchase research revealed that Dollfies stand around 60cm (about 2 ft).


Initially, I was planning on putting her in the display case with some other figures, but once I saw the box, I knew that was going to be impossible. She’s simply too large to stand without first removing one of the shelves. That still may happen at some point in the future when I get a couple more displays.

IMG_3855IMG_3856Here’s a quick look at what’s in the box itself. At top, all of her accessories, including shoes, wig, and full set of clothing. At bottom, the doll itself, wrapped in plastic and attacked to the backing with ribbons.


Here’s a closer look at the shoes. If it weren’t for the scale, you’d probably think they were real shoes. They even come with little balls of paper in them, just like at a real shoe store!

Once everything was unpacked, I set to getting her dressed and ready. For a Dollfie n00b like me, I really wished she came with a manual telling me how to get the clothes on. At minimum, a cheat sheet with some tips would have been helpful. I discovered that the best way to put on her top was to first remove the hands and reattach them later. The stockings also proved to be particularly difficult, and I ended up first removing the foot and stretching the stockings around them. I also hadn’t realized that the shoes weren’t symmetrical… there is a distinct shoe for the right foot and one for the left. Talk about being detailed!

Tonight, I finally found some time to take some photos, which immediately presented a problem. The lighting setup I normally use for figure photography was too small for a 60cm Dollfie. As a result, I had to get creative and decided to do some posing in the Otaku lounge. I got quite a few shots (all of them are available in the full album), but here are some of my favorites.

IMG_3871Rin is quite the gamer

IMG_3872You’d better not be peeking at my pantsu…

IMG_3873Just look at that face!

IMG_3876I’m not quite sure what to think of this…

IMG_3877I know I said I wanted Saber, but how does this help?

I’ve already put in a second order with VolksUSA for some accessories that I didn’t realize I needed. First is a stand and second is a head cap for the wig. Apparently the darker colored wigs have a tendency to stain (design flaw, perhaps?) and a head cap will protect the head from taking on too much color. Similarly, the clothes will do the same, however since Rin’s clothes already have a white lining, she’s pretty well protected. Until the head cap arrives, her wig is being kept in a plastic bag and she’s being displayed bald. Looks a bit odd, actually…

Be sure to check out the rest of the photos in the shoot!

10 thoughts on “My first Dollfie

  1. Awww Rin is temporarily bald atm XD LoL such investments. You think you get one and it’ll be ok as is until you find out that there’s more you have to get… That’s how they get you, lol. I’m still awed by the fact that the GB Micro fits perfectly in her hand!

  2. I see that you have encounter the same trouble as I did when I adopted Escalayer, everything is a brand new game, old rules don’t apply anymore. Their presence, is so much more awesome than PVC and figma, I found myself losing a bit of interest in PVC recently. You seems to have enjoyed yourself quite a bit, when are you adopting your next dollfie? It rarely stop on the first one you know >.o

    1. Asian Ed

      It might be awhile before I get my next one. Then again, it all depends on what Volks decides to release… ARIA Dollfies would be fun. 😀

  3. nice photos, gaming Rin is awesome! i didnt know the cloths had white inner lining, thats really helpful in stain prevention. one tip ive seen is to use saran wrap and tape it in place under dark clothing and wigs. i think its an affordable alternative ^^

  4. Tsubasa

    Hi, I have been looking for this figure for a long time. It seems that you got a brand new one in 2009 from Volks USA (I thought it was already sold out at the stores). Can you let me know where I can buy this now?

    1. Unfortunately, all the character Dollfies are made in limited quantities and for a very short time. I got Rin right at the time she was released directly from the manufacturer. Due to the limited quantity, they’re sold on a lottery basis (you enter a drawing for the ability to buy).

      At this point you’ll be hard pressed to locate one new in retail channels. Even on eBay, there’s only one and she goes for $4,000 ( An alternative would be to go through Yahoo! Auctions Japan, though you’ll probably need some sort of bidding service to help you navigate and coordinate shipping. Even there, the prices will probably be high, though you may be able to find one that’s pre-owned.

      If you ever make it to Japan, you should search Akihabara and Nakano. Even there, plan on paying much higher than original retail. I bought my second Dollfie, Yoko, in Nakako for a hefty price of 78k yen!

      Good luck in your search!

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