My first Nendoroid


I got my first Nendoroid recently, and I’m happy to announce that it’s also my first Yoko figure! First impressions are very positive. The parts have a very chunky and solid feel without being too heavy. The facial expressions swap out easily and there is very little play once the hair pieces are snapped on. Downsides that I discovered are that the appendages require a bit of working to get in place and stay on. I often ran into issues where her hair interfered with the arm placement, resulting in the arm falling off. Also, since they aren’t jointed, there is little range of movement.

The other thing that impressed me about Yoko was that she came with a plethora of accessories, interchangeable parts, and facial expressions. In addition to the default expression, she had two more faces, another pair of legs, two right arms, an extra left arm, and an extra gun strap. The gun itself is pretty nice as well, with a couple of really nice details in the muzzle and scope.


Since I’ve not had any experience with Nendos up until now, putting her together and getting her situated on the display base was a bit of a challenge. After a little bit of experimenting, I finally got her clamped down in a pose that I like. I ended up using her display base to clamp around her waist to keep her in position. The issue I kept running into was that the head was a bit top heavy and she had a tendency to fall backwards.


The other great thing that I discovered is that she was easily completely dismantleable. Somehow she doesn’t look too happy about her predicament…


In addition to carrying her gun, the extra strap allows for her to shoulder it for carrying. I found this pose to be particular tricky to pull off, since the strap didn’t seem to have enough give to properly go around her assets while maintaining enough clearance in the back for her hair and scarf to go on…


This got me to thinking… who else can carry a gun? I could probably mount it to a figma somehow, but that would be far too easy and predictable. After going through the figures in the cabinet, I came up with the perfect fit. Behold! Nadie the Sniper!


With that mission accomplished, I started thinking about the wonderful art of head swapping… There were a couple of possibilities, but these two worked out the best…

IMG_3597 IMG_3598

At the end of the day though, I think Yoko looks best as Yoko. Unless something else comes along and gives Yoko a bunny outfit… But lastly, here’s a picture of a kinder, gentler, Yoko:

Kinder, gentler, YokoCareful, she’ll still kill you if you try to peek at her pantsu!

2 thoughts on “My first Nendoroid

  1. rockleelotus

    congrats on your nendo ^^ i had the same problem with the strap, all you have to do is flip it the other way and it fits perfectly. i like Yoko head on Saber LOL!

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