New figure display cases

Yesterday, I visited an IKEA for the first time. After seeing a couple of recommendations, I decided to scope out some new display cases to use for the various figures in my collection. I spied the much praised Detolf cases and decided I had to bring two of the home. After much labor in putting them together and getting them cleaned up, I’m happy to present the results.


I’d also picked up a wall shelf for the purpose of displaying Figma. I got that mounted today and loaded up. That looks pretty good as well.


In all, that was $150 well spent. I’ll primarily be using the display case for the larger scale quality figures. I may also eventually add some lighting, though all of the stuff I’d seen at IKEA was halogen based, which gets too warm for my taste. The extra shelf space has also given me some extra room on my main shelf to display the smaller figures and space things out.

IMG_1858The overall display area

IMG_1853My desk area

IMG_1854Bonus shot of the swimsuit beauties

IMG_1857All of those figure boxes have to go somewhere…. cardboard boxes are full of figure boxes as well

One thought on “New figure display cases

  1. Michael

    Quite nice! I just bought the detolf case and one shelf today at ikea. I wont be putting anything together anytime soon as Im moving to a new home in ~20 days. However, I love how you set up the figma shelf right above the monitor! Im going to steal that idea for my new office. Haha, all those boxes, I only keep the boxes to figures I might not keep sorta like dannychoo. Right now, I’ve only got 8 boxes at the moment. I guess I do have a lot…

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