Getting ready for Katsucon


With Katsucon just days away, I’m starting the process of gathering my gear together for the trip. In addition to the necessities like clothes and toiletries, I had to put together a selection of items to make sure I’m well armed for the con. In the picture above, I’ve got a few necessities, including my DS, compact digital camera, extra batteries for camera, spare memory card and a bag to put it haul it around in. Also, to blend in with the locals, a set of nekomimi will be required. I’m sure I’ll pick up a couple other items in the next day, and I’ll need to prep my laptop for the trip. I’ll also be bringing the SX10 along with me and had to make sure it’ll fit in the bag.

I’ve also made a list of things to look for in the dealer room:

Toysworks 1/6 ARIA figures – Still missing Aika, Alice, and Athena… doubt I’ll find them
Max Factory 1/8 Narusegawa Naru… also doubt I’ll find this one
Gift 1/8 Saber (relatively new release)
Griffon 1/7 Shana
FREEing 1/4 Ryoko Asakura bunny
Some sort of Figma… probably the Hiiragi Kagami one, just a really big fan of the look
Wave 1/10 Rena Sayers (Mai-Otome S.ifr)
Aqua Volume 1

Beyond that, I’ll be a bit discretionary with my funds. I don’t want to overdo it, in the case something catches my eye as a “must have.”

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