Kokoro unboxing

Special thanks given to ravnel at DannyChoo.com for giving me the opportunity to own this figure.

I got out of work a little early today so I could enjoy the sunshine. When I got home, I found a nice surprise in my mailbox. The Kokoro figure that I’d bought from another user on DannyChoo had arrived! Each unboxing is a special event, and this was no different. Since she was still new and unopened, she still had that new figure smell.

IMG_0952Kokoro in the box

Once I’d removed her, it was time to take some photos. She comes with several options, so there was room for experimenting! At first, I had her positioned in front of a window to get the natural light effects.

IMG_0959 IMG_0968

IMG_0961 IMG_0962

The cast off pieces are pretty easy to remove. She comes with extra ribbons to complete the swimsuit look, as well as a strap for the top. Additionally, she comes with an umbrella and a base. All of the parts are extremely detailed and very well made.

Then I realized there was a far better place in the room… the wall opposite of the window. In order to get the best light, I had to act fast, as the sun was setting.

Pictures came out a bit yellow, but adjusting the white balance gave a much better look
For more photos, click through to the album. She even had a special guest join her for this occasion!

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