My first DSLR

Yesterday I brought home my very first DSLR camera. Someone at work had a used one up for sale and I jumped on the opportunity. Even though it’s an older model, it still has enough features to get me started.


Behold, the 5-year old Nikon D50. The set I picked up included two lenses (18-55mm and 55-200mm), external flash, filters, and a bag. It was lightly used by the previous owner (~1400 shots total) and is in very good shape.

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There be dragon (boats)!

Competition in full swing

Last weekend marked the 4th annual Charlotte Dragonboat and Asian Festival. I made the decision to attend and support the Microsoft team in the pursuit of a medal position. There are typically several good showings at this event, including a few teams from outside of the area that ramp up the level of competition. Unfortunately, this never bodes well for those teams that are just good enough to make the top bracket and end up fighting for the consolation prizes.

Being that several of my co-workers were involved on the team this year, I decided to go along for the whole day. This meant waking up much earlier than usual and heading up to the lake for the 7am registration time. Since it is about a 30-45 minute drive, this meant I was up at about 5:30am.

CAUTION: this is probably one of the most graphically intensive posts I’ve done. More after the break!

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