Extending range of motion with Cool Cats Neck joint

A couple weeks ago, I decided to try out the neck replacement part from Cool Cat. Similar to the one sold by Dollfie World, this joint promises to be more durable than the Volks default and provide a larger range of motion.


You can choose from pink or silver for your part, as well as for DD or MDD. They’re also reasonably priced at about $40 and ship from Taiwan.


Packaging is also very simple, all that comes with it is the joint and a spare set of screws for if you lose the original ones. So how does the joint compare to the Volks original joint?


At first glance, they look about the same. The upper portion of the ball joint is slightly taller than the Volks one and there are not as many ribs in the portion that goes into the head.


When moving the joint around, we can start seeing the differences. The range of motion is much larger and can go a good 15 degrees more in every direction.


When mounted to the body, the difference becomes even more apparent! This should translate to a decent amount of head movement.


Here Rin has the new joint while Haruka has the original. Rin is able to tilt her head back a bit further and maintain that pose while Haruka will snap back to a much straighter position. It’s also important to note that the shape of the head will impact the angle that can be achieved, as the back of the head may prevent using the full range.

From looking at the design of the ball joint, it doesn’t appear that cutting the neck will yield any more motion as the ball comes almost completely flush with the top of the neck. A cut may give you a slight bit more, however you may already be limited by the back of the head hitting the neck.


Since making the initial purchase, I decided to replace all of the girls neck parts! The Cool Cats joint is much easier to pose with in every direction and gives much more flexibility in moving the head. At $40, it’s much more economical than the Dollfie World version (which is also not always in stock) and they are extremely reasonable with shipping. There is a downside with this version though, since the stem is mostly smooth, the head does not grip as well and detaches easily.

For more information on the Cool Cats Neck replacement part, visit their web site. You can also find them at their eBay store for the same price (plus $4 shipping).

For more information on the Dollfie World neck joint, visit their web site.

2 thoughts on “Extending range of motion with Cool Cats Neck joint

  1. I love these neck joints. I have them on 2 of my girls and the 3rd one is at home just waiting for me to have some time to put it in.

    I had a slight issue on my first one where the head is “very” easy to remove. So much that you have to be careful of the head coming off on it’s own as you move her around. The other one I have installed doesn’t have this problem so I think it was just a bad piece.

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