Merri Kurismasu!

Lit up waterway

Merry Christmas from Charlotte, North Carolina! Sadly, no snow here today, only rain. As with last year, some coworkers and I went to the Daniel Stowe Botanical garden to see the holiday light displays. I keep saying that I’ll bring a tripod or something with me to steady the camera, but alas, I forgot. It’s a step forward from last year, however, when I forgot the camera all together…. >.<


We decided to get to the garden a bit earlier this time, so the sun hadn’t quite set. We’d attempted coming the night before, however there was an extremely long line to get in…


Most of the lights were just hung on the trees and plants, but there were some festive displays like this one.



Even the fountains and orchid house were lit up!

Sadly, one thing I need to remember for next time is a fresh set of batteries. Partway through the walk, the dreaded battery light came on and my camera shut off soon after that. 😦

3 thoughts on “Merri Kurismasu!

    1. I don’t have a fancy DSLR (yet), so mine takes regular AAs. Since I don’t use the back screen much, the batteries last for quite some time. I wish it had an actual battery meter instead of a warning light that comes on when the camera is about to shut off.

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