Sophie talks, and new wall hanging arrives

Yep, for your amusement, I had a conversation with my cat this morning. I think she was hungry.

…moving on…

I got home from work today and found a nice big box from I was expecting something from them today, but I didn’t expect something quite so large. When I picked it up, however, it weighed almost nothing. That pretty much ruled out anything like DVDs or manga, which meant that it could only by the ARIA lithograph that I ordered. Either that or it was a big empty box…

Big box!

Ever since I saw the shipping notification, I was a bit puzzled. From the description on the item page, I really shouldn’t have this in hand yet…

Date Available – Dec 8 2009


Media – Poster or Wallscroll

Product Availability – Pre-Order, Not Yet Shipping

Despite that, I had a big giant box that weighed almost nothing. No use arguing with an item description, it was time to crack the box open.

A peek inside

It looks like it was very well packaged. It was surrounded by foam padding and the box was reinforced on each size with additional cardboard. I’m sure it’ll come in handy in a later project. Sophie, of course, is extremely curious about the new item.

Here it is, out of the box! The foam that it’s sitting on is from the box. I’m sure that’ll get recycled at some point as well. The print measures 20” x 16’”, which should make it easy to frame (unlike some other things I have). I’ll need to hit the craft store sometime this week and get something to put it in. I already have a spot picked out for it!

The other neat thing about the print is that it was created as a limited run by RightStuf. This means that they’re all individually numbered and have a certificate of authenticity attached. Mine is number 21 out of 250. ^.^

Signed and numbered!

It’s a beautiful print and should look good in my collection. I’m hoping these sell well and a couple more get released!

5 thoughts on “Sophie talks, and new wall hanging arrives

  1. Cool print. Some years ago I got a Dark Angel lithograph signed by Kia Asamiya from RightStuf. It was 183/1000. Still have it and is one of my favorite ‘otaku’ items.

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