Winning entry on DannyChoo!

As I was on vacation most of last week, I really wasn’t checking my regular sites or reading messages. When I got home on Sunday, I found a couple of messages congratulating me and asking what I was going to spend 2000 yen on. Puzzled, I started checking web sites and found that Danny had announced the winners of his last giveaway.

Apparently I got a runner up prize, which was 2000 yen to spend at a shop of my choice as long as I used Tenso’s shipping service. It seems like a neat concept, they give you a Japanese shipping address and serve as a mail forwarding service for those shops that don’t ship overseas. I went ahead and browsed on and found the Figma Miyuki that I hadn’t picked up and placed the order. I got confirmation today that it has shipped and Tenso has received it. Once I get it, I’ll be sure to update more!

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