Otacool is here!

I came home earlier this week to find that the postman had left me a small package in my mailbox. It was from CD Japan, meaning my copy of Otacool had arrived!


First a little history… The book is a result of a collaboration between Danny Choo and Kotobukiya. Several months ago, Danny had asked for photo submissions showing off their own otaku rooms. I jumped at the chance and broke out the camera for some pictures. Sophie, of course, made it into several shots. Along with the photos, Danny asked each person to provide a small bio to be printed if chosen.

My own page!

Here it is, my very own page in Otacool! I even made it, though you can’t actually see my face… makes me wish I submitted a better photo. ^.^ Sophie, of course, made it into several parts of the book In addition to being on the cover (top left photo), she also shows up twice in the larger shots and in a thumbnail in the table of contents. Even a pile of her toys can be seen…

To see the photos I used for my submission, check them out here and here. Also, be sure to check out the Otacool Site to see all the other awesome submissions! It also looks like there might be an Otacool 2 at some point, so if you didn’t make the first set, better get snapping!


Recently, Danny had partnered up with Japanese figure maker Kotobukiya to gather information about otaku from around the world. This information, along with pictures of the various otaku rooms would be published later this year in a book called OTACOOL – Worldwide Otaku Rooms. To kick things off, he’d asked the winning entrants from his “My Room” contest to upload higher resolution photos to his new figure.fm site. From the initial sets, images would be chosen for the cover of the book. Presently, here’s what the cover for the book looks like:


If it stays that way, then I’ll have made the cover! The top left image is a shot of the lounge, complete with cat! As cool as it is, I would have preferred that they used a different image, I’m particularly fond of the nigh time shots, which show the display cases all lit up. It seems that Danny is partial to those pictures too, as one of them wound up being used in the banner for the Otacool portal.

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