Quick update

First off, happy 4th of July everyone! It’s been a day full of excitement for me and also extremely tiring. First, I completed the previously mentioned flooring project. All of the boards have been put into place. The only thing remaining is to patch a few areas and put in the molding around the edges. Looks pretty good, if I say so myself!

IMG_3096There’s also still a little cleanup left to do…

Secondly, Dollfie Rin arrived on my doorstep. After fumbling around for an hour, I finally got her fully assembled and clothed. I still need to get some sort of a stand and head cap for her, but in all very nice! The one thing I wasn’t expecting was how big she was going to be. She’s extremely tall. I have a 24in diagonal monitor, and she towers over it. I’d initially thought about putting her in the display cabinet, but she would easily take up the height of two shelves…

IMG_3861My, look how tall you are!

More detailed write ups of both items are to come, but for now, I’m too exhausted to stay awake! The flooring project really took a lot out of me… ^.^

Anticipating a new arrival

Yesterday, I received an email from VolksUSA. In it was a tracking number. Dollfie Rin is on her way! Since I’m still new to the world of ball jointed dolls (BJDs), I still have quite a bit to learn about the things and accessories I’ll need to get. It turns out that the darker wigs have a tendency to stain, so I’ll need to get a cloth cap to put between them. Sadly, Volks is currently out of stock, so I’ll need to put that purchase on hold until one is available.

Tracking estimates delivery this Friday, so expect to see the first photos this weekend!

Selling off some goods

Since I’ve had some pretty hefty expenditures the past couple of weeks, I’ve decided to start a pile of things that I can part with and sell. Since I’ve failed in moving some things on the buy/sell email list at work, I’ve resorted to putting things up on Half.com. For a full list of things that I’ve parting with, check out my sales page. Please, help me pay for a Dollfie! 🙂

…and yes, I did get chosen in the last VolksUSA Dolfie lottery. Rin will be here in July! Just as a reminder, this is what she looks like:


Volks announces availability of limited items from Dolls Party 21

Ever since I saw the announcement on DannyChoo about the upcoming Tohsaka Rin Dolfie Dream, I decided I really wanted one. At $528, she almost seems like a bargain, considering how much Dolfies run for (usually in the $1k range). It looks like I may have a chance, if I actually decide to jump, as Volks USA will be putting the limited items up for sale from May 5-8 (see their blog for more info).


Just look at that face! I think it’s one of the better Dolfie renditions I’ve seen. As nice as the Saber one was, I didn’t really care much for the hair or face. Someone talk me out of trying to buy one… please!