More June Loot

Got home today and found a couple boxes on my doorstep. Like the first loot post from earlier this month, one box was from RightStuf and one was from HLJ.


Today’s arrivals: High School Girls vol. 1-9, Tsukihime vol. 6, Nendoroid Yoko, ARIA artbook, ARIA door hangers, Tales of Vesperia promotional literature, and Lucky Star bookmarks. Continue reading “More June Loot”

First loot of June & Kagami Cosplay ver. review

When I got home today, I found a couple of small boxes on my front porch. One was marked from HLJ and the other from RightStuf. Behold, the first loot of June!


Today’s arrivals: Kagami cosplay ver. Figma, Excel Saga 19, Kannazuki no Miko 1, Sunshine Sketch 2, and Enchanter 10. The manga isn’t anything terribly special, so let’s focus on Kagami.

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